Speaker, Writer but more importantly … an Overcomer. After 48 years of failure, deceit, lies, struggles, disappointment, depression and losing … a near fatal reaction to anti-depressants and a failed suicide attempt almost ended everything. Laying in an emergency room bed, I was faced with a decision … God had my undivided attention at that moment. NO MORE GAMES … it was time to Surrender!

"This is a fine read on the subject (of depression)”


Dr. Johnny Hunt - Pastor of

Woodstock First Baptist

“Mike’s words are so transparent … This is an admirable work of compassion.”


Dr. Nelson Price - Pastor Emeritus Roswell Street Baptist 

“The testimony shared by Mike may be hard to read for some folks, but its there … warts and all. Most importantly, the truth about how God is in the life changing business is there for those who will seek it, and allow God to work in their lives.”


Greg Marshall - Roswell Street Baptist Church Colleague

“You have a story that needs to be told. It's the roller coaster of life. The highs lows and brutal depression you would go through. Greater is HE that is in us than he that is in this world!"​


Marc Mero - Former WWE Professional Wrestler and CEO of Champion of Choices


"Sometimes the road to Surrender can include some painful experiences, but God will use you for his glory as you daily commit and trust yourself to him!"


Tony Nolan -

TNT Ministries