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Suffering To Surrender

This is my first book following a suicide attempt in August of 2011. It was my attempt to outline my life up to that point and search out the cause and effects on my life and what I was missing. The main element that is stressed with this book centers on the fact that no matter how hard “you” try … if God is not involved, there will be a sense of non-fulfilment. Also, the only way to be in the center of God’s will for your life, is to truly surrender everything to him… even the things we don’t want to surrender.



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OK, I Surrender, Now What?

Many people surrender to God on a weekly basis … they come to a fork in the road, they say to themselves, “OK, God … You Take Over!” However … when this happens, many times there is a misunderstanding about what can potentially happen after one surrenders. There seems to be a misconception of what happens when one truly surrenders to God. It is not all Unicorns and Rainbows! There most likely will be some very trying times … I outline the 10 things that happened to me when I surrendered to God, and what may happen to someone else when they make that same decision.



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A Runner Up in a Winner's World

One of the many quotes we hear in today’s world is … “Winning isn’t everything … it’s the only thing!” This book talks a little bit about the inherent issues that come with winning, losing, understanding why we concentrate so much on it as a society and how to combat the all or nothing aspects surrounding it. Check it out on now!



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